Headline of the day: Pipeline victory a pipe dream?

You could see this one coming from a mile away.

From the London Daily Mail:

Trump WANTS the Dakota Access pipeline and will review Obama administration’s decision to sideline crude oil project after months of protests

  • Spokesman for president-elect said ‘we support construction of’ the pipeline and we’ll review the full situation once we’re in the White House’
  • Army Corps of Engineers said Sunday that it would not grant an easement for the Dakota Access pipeline to cross Lake Oahe, seeking an alternative route instead
  • House Speaker Paul Ryan called the move ‘big-government decision-making at its worst’
  • Republican Rep. Kevin Cramer called it ‘chilling signal’ to infrastructure builders, and said ‘I can’t wait for the adults to be in charge on Jan. 20’
  • Company behind DAPL accused government of ‘currying favor with extremists’ by caving to protesters

One response to “Headline of the day: Pipeline victory a pipe dream?

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