Finally, some debt relief for Greece on the table

After cutting out their pound of flesh from Greeks workers, the poor, the disabled, and their schools, as well as forcing their sale of much of their national wealth, the Troikarchs may be cutting the beleaguered nation a little slack.

Greek was the nation hardest hit by the Great Recession, the crisis ignited by the greed of banksters in Wall Street and London,, and they’ve paid the highest price for the ensuing crisis.

From Kathimerini:

Eurozone finance ministers hope to forge a compromise on Greek reforms on Monday in a final push to secure the support of the International Monetary Fund for Athens’s bailout program by the end of the year.

The 19 ministers of the currency bloc were holding their regular meeting a day after Italian voters rejected constitutional reform plans in a referendum, putting the euro under renewed pressure and reigniting the smoldering eurozone crisis, further complicating the Greek talks.

Athens is required by its eurozone creditors to pass wide-ranging reforms and sell state assets under an 86 billion euros ($92 billion) bailout program, but negotiators have not been able to agree on labor and energy reforms or Greece’s 2018 fiscal targets, leaving ministers to close the remaining gaps.

A deal would allow discussions on substantial relief measures for Greece, whose debt, at about 180 percent of gross domestic product, is the highest in the eurozone.

Meanwhile, the banksters who caused it all continue to collect their billions in bonuses. and continue to toast their greed aboard their yachts, rather than eating the swill in the prisons where they belong.


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