Graphic Representation: Trumplandia™ sails on

We begin with the Salt Lake Tribune:

Pat Bagley: Trump’s Foreign Relations


And then turn to the President-elect’s abundant conflicts of interest, starting with this from the Washington Post:

Tom Toles: President-elect Trump understands the hotel business just a little too well


Mixing foreign policy with the entrepreneurial, via one of the nation’s leading syndicated editorial cartoonists:

Jeff Danziger: No bomb Trump Hotel

Future Wars

Getting down to business with the Newark Star-Ledger:

Drew Sheneman: Trump brand government — coming soon to a nation’s capital near you!


And separation anxiety from the Baton Rouge Advocate:

Walt Handelsman: Yuuuuuuge commute


On to governing style with the Kansas City Star:

Lee Judge: Grab ‘em by the tweet


Inflammatory rhetoric from the editorial cartoonist of the Miami Herald:

Jim Morin: Red Flag


And two offerings on the shape of things to come, first from the Los Angeles Times:

David Horsey: Standing Rock is the first of many protests to come in the Trump era


And we end on an ominous note from the Washington Post:

Ann Telnaes: Look what’s coming after Republicans get rid of Obamacare



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