Graphic Representation: A day in Trumplandia™

President-elect Littlefingers met potential Secretary of State nominee George Romney over fancy French fare at Jean Georges, a posh restaurant at Trump International Hotel, and a now-famous photograph made it seem likely that crow was on the menu.

Hence the subject of our first three offerings, first from the Washington Post:

Ann Telnaes: Mitt Romney’s dinner with Donald Trump


Next, from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Mike Luckovich: Shorthanded


And then this, from the Arizona Republic:

Steve Benson: The Mitt Romney apology Trump really wants


Next, an famous syndicated cartoonist, a look at the reaction to the nomination of another Trump pick:

Jeff Danziger: Jeff Sessions for AG


The Miami Herald looks at all Trump’s picks, metaphorically:

Jim Morin: The new swamp


From the Guardian, a dubious assessment:

Steve Bell: Donald Trump’s promise


From the Kansas City Star, a weltanschauung considered:

Lee Judge: From the ramparts they watched


Next, a case of common causes from the Chattanooga Times Free Press:

Clay Bennett: The Plaintiffs


Finally, from the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the loyal opposition:

Steve Sack: Nancy Pelosi



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