esnl exclusive: Lost footage of Trump’s early years

Through our long, arduous hours pent hunched over our computer, we have managed to discover long-lost footage of the early year’s of President Pussygrabber’s early years.

Yep, we discovered that before he became the self-proclaimed billionaire entrepreneur, Littlefingers worked as a corporate pitchman, playing the role of Joe Isuzu to hustle for Japan’s Isuzu Motors, back in the days when they sold cars in the U.S. market, an effort since abandoned.

Here are some of his finest works, via Richard Arnold:

Joe Isuzu

Okay, so it’s not really the Trumpster, but you gotta admit the character played by actor David Leisure [a name that really suits him] really, really comes off a lot like the man made president even though he lost the popular vote by a large margin, then made up Joe Isuzu-worthy lie about the reasons why, a lie so idiotic it drew this reaction from CNN’s Alysin Camerota:



3 responses to “esnl exclusive: Lost footage of Trump’s early years

  1. Hahahahahaha. I can’t believe you called him Littlefingers. I get the pun, and also maybe an intentional reference to the GOT character? I wonder if that’s where Martin got his inspiration. Somehow I don’t think Trump is half as cunning though.

    • The reference is somewhat intentional. I’m very much aware of the GOT character, who plays a much deeper game and is able to repress his own long-term agenda agenda by playing up to the needs of those he uses to accomplish his own ends. The GOT Littlefinger is more like Steve Bannon and the others in Trump’s circle who feed Trump’s narcissism to play up their own deep, long-term games.

      • I haven’t done much digging into his team to be honest. I’m waiting for the results of the recount and whatnot before I invest anymore of myself in this election. His choices so far…my goodness. Who ever though he’d be a good choice for president?

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