Graphic Representation: More Trumplandia™ follies

We begin with The Donald’s addiction, from the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Steve Sack: Trump the tweeter


And one of the fruits of that addiction from the Arizona Republic:

Steve Benson: Trump’s fake news strikes again


One inadvertent consequence thereof, from the Lexington Herald-Leader:

Joel Pett: Old (white, male) Glory?


Another one from the Kansas City Star:

Lee Judge: A burning desire


From the Sacramento Bee, the man with the money:

Jack Ohman: Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin presents “Hamilton” and Goldman Sachs…


From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a preview of coming attractions:

Mike Luckovich: Grand opening


Finally, from the Washington Post, getting down to business:

Tom Toles: Does Donald Trump even understand conflict of interest? Well, in a way



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