Threats to crop pollinators imperil billions

That’s just the humans, and not the hundreds of billions of earth’s herbivores and the carnivores dependent on them.

It’s a threat directly resulting from the massive agricultural use of pesticides and other chemicals.

From Agence France Presse:

About 1.4 billion jobs and three-quarters of all crops depend on pollinators, researchers said Monday warning of a dire threat to human welfare if the falls in bee and butterfly numbers are not halted.

“World food supplies and jobs are at risk unless urgent action is taken to stop global declines of pollinators,” said a statement from the University of Reading, whose researchers took part in the global review.

Animal pollination directly affects about three-quarters of important crop types, including most fruits, seeds and nuts and high-value products such as coffee, cocoa and oilseed rape.


There are some 20,000 species of bees responsible for fertilising more than 90 percent of the world’s 107 major crops.

Bee populations have been hit in Europe, North America and elsewhere by a mysterious phenomenon called “colony collapse disorder”, which has been blamed on mites, a virus or fungus, pesticides, or a combination of factors.

The authors of the review called for measures to protect pollinators against farming’s worst side-effects.

Agroecology, anyone?


One response to “Threats to crop pollinators imperil billions

  1. The problem is that there are too many people on Earth. The more we are, the more space we need. Deforestation, destruction of nature and climate change leads to habitat loss for animals. This leads to conflicts between mankind and animals, less polinators and mass extinctions.

    Of course overpopulation causes some further problems: water and air pollution, need for genetically modified food, increasing food prices, by 2050 lack of food, mass migrations, increased emergence of new epidemics and pandemics, elevated crime rate, and so on. In the next years many people from South Asia and Africa will want to come to Europa. But some European countries have already defined limits. As soon as such a limit has exceeded, all further refugees are deported. Lack of food could even lead to the next world war.

    If we could reduce the world population, this would automatically solve a lot of problems. I am ready to help.

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