Navy’s new $4.4 billion destroyer breaks down

And in a most embarrassing way.

From MercoPress:

The most expensive destroyer ever built for the United States Navy has suffered an engineering problem in the Panama Canal and had to be towed to port. U.S. The 3rd Fleet spokesman Commander Ryan Perry says a vice admiral has directed the USS Zumwalt to remain at ex-Naval Station Rodman in Panama to address the issues. The ship was built at Bath Iron Works in Maine.

The 180 meters long warship has an angular shape to minimize its radar signature. It cost more than US$4.4 billion and was commissioned last month in Maryland. The guided missile destroyer, whose stealth capabilities give it a strikingly angular shape, needed to be towed Monday after suffering an “engineering casualty,” the U.S. Naval Institute’s news site reported.

The Zumwalt was en route from Baltimore, where she was commissioned Oct. 15, to San Diego.

Navy spokesman Perry said in a statement that “the timeline for repairs is being determined now.”

An unnamed defense official told USNI News that repairs to the Zumwalt could take up to 10 days.

So they spend billions to make it and it breaks down on its maiden voyage.

Wonder how much its toilet seats cost. . .


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