Femicides soar in one of Mexico’s richest states

Morelos, via Wikipedia.

Morelos, via Wikipedia.

Morelos is one of the Mexico’s smallest states, and it’s population of 1.9 million ranks near the low end of the population scale, but its capital, Cuernavaca, provides villas fore some of the nation’s richest, and is a popular destination for wealthy tourists.

Morelos stands out in one other regard: Its women are the all-too-frequent targets of killers, and there’s been no diminution in the murder rate, despite a much-touted government program.

From teleSUR English:

In late 2015 the Mexican state of Morelos declared a “Gender Violence Alert” due to the alarming rate of femicides, yet more than a year later the issue persists with record levels of killings in 2016.

According to Proceso magazine, 53 women have been killed in Morelos this year.

Activists say the alert has not resulted in any concrete changes, further exacerbating an already serious problem, and local governments seem at a loss at how to approach the issue.

“No one has any idea what they need to do, they put people in charge who have no experience and even less training to face a phenomenon of this nature. They do not invest, because they do not care,” Preciado Bahena, an organizer with the Committee against the Femicide in Morelos, told Proceso.

Bahena says the killings of 53 women is proof the “Gender Violence Alert” has been an exercise in public relations and a failure.

The activists say the government of Morelos has opted to engage in “meetings and events for the cameras, but does nothing to really change course inside the government.”


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