When a horrible necessity mothers an invention

In a country where lethal gunfire is an everyday occurrence for children walking to and from school, a Mexican child has come up with an invention he hopes will spare the lives of himself and his classmates.

From teleSUR English:

Juan David Hernandez Rojas, from the Mexican state of Tamaulipas, is only 11 years old but he’s come up with an innovative solution to the dangers of violence posed by the country’s ongoing conflict with organized crime groups: he’s made a bullet-resistant backpack.

“In my city shootings and robberies are very frequent, unfortunately, and that’s why I invented the safety backpack,” Hernandez told Proceso magazine at the ExpoCiencias Tamaulipas science fair.

In a video shared on Twitter by Ruido en la Red, the primary school student speaks nonchalantly about the shootouts that happen in the city of Matamoros as he shows off the features of his backpack.

The bag is lined with bullet-resistant material, has an alarm, a light and a GPS locator. “So my parents can easily find me in case I don’t show up,” says Hernandez.

He even demonstrates how the bag would be used in the event a student is caught in the middle of a shootout and needs to protect themselves from an errant bullet.

Hernandez says his bag “marks the difference between life, death, and desperation.”


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