Trump’s vile pals: Say goodbye to to net neutrality

From Open Media:

And so it begins: Trump’s picks to lead the FCC transition are most likely to throw consumer-friendly policies out the window.

Trump this week formally selected two staunch opponents of net neutrality to oversee the incoming President’s FCC transition team. Economist Jeff Eisenach and former Sprint Corp lobbyist Mark Jamison both have deep-rooted ties to the broadband sector, and both played major roles in helping the industry fight passage of the U.S.’s net neutrality rules last year. We had already noted that incumbent ISPs like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast have been getting excited by the possibility of a hamstrung FCC and the roll back of numerous consumer-friendly policies made under the tenure of outgoing FCC boss Tom Wheeler.

Eisenach, formerly a consultant for Verizon and a think tanker over at the American Enterprise Institute, testified as an “objective” expert in a 2014 Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on net neutrality. There, Eisenach boldly declared that “net neutrality would not improve consumer welfare or protect the public interest.” Similarly, in an AEI blog post last year, Eisenach again proclaimed that net neutrality doesn’t help consumers, isn’t necessary, and is little more than just “crony capitalism”:

“Despite what you may have heard, net neutrality is not about protecting consumers from rapacious Internet Service Providers (ISPs). It would not make broadband more available in rural America, or lower prices for small businesses. And it has nothing to do with protecting free speech or dissenting voices. Net neutrality is crony capitalism pure and simple – an effort by one group of private interests to enrich itself at the expense of another group by using the power of the state.”


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