Graphic Representation: Life in TrumpAmerica™

We begin with a contemporary spin on Martin Niemöller’s famous lament about inaction in Nazi Germany from the editorial cartoonist of the Washington Post:

Tom Toles: That famous warning about the death of civil society goes a little differently now


Our next offerings involve the disturbing emergence of a President who mixes high office with personal profiteering:.

We begin with the Miami Herald:

Jim Morin: Business as usual


Another take from the Chattanooga Times Free Press:

Clay Bennett: The President


And from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a play on John F. Kennedy’s most famous words:

Mike Luckovich: Ask not…


Next up, two offerings on The Donald’s high dudgeon about those boos his veep-to-be encountered at a Broadway musical, first from the Charlotte Observer:

Kevin Siers: Trump the Musical


And from the Philadelphia Daily News, historical irony and a Trumpian campaign pledge:

Signe Wilkinson: The expulsions begin


From the Baton Rouge Advocate, the presidential style:

Walt Handelsman: Commander in Tweet??


The Sacramento Bee goes beneath the surface:

Jack Ohman: Don Don Pence running the White House transition…


And finally, the Washington Post takes on the First-Daughter-to-be’s corporate hustling of a bauble she wore when daddy and family faced the cameras on 60 minutes:

Ann Telnaes: Conflict of interest alert!



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