Japan’s Abe says TPP meaningless without the U.S.

Japan’s neoliberal Prime Minister Shinzo Abe overcame considerable domestic opposition to win parliamentary approval of the Trans-Pacific partnership, and he was the first foreign leader to win a sitdown with Donald Trump in the splendor of the President-elect’s luxurious digs in the Big Apple Thursday [a meet also attended by daughter Ivanka and spouse Jared Kushner]:

Official handout photo via euronews.

Official handout photo via euronews.

But all that flesh-pressing didn’t win Abe Trump’s support for the TPP, a pact Trump announced today [via YouTube] that he would kill on his first day in office.

And without U.S. participation, the TPP is effectively dead, Abe said today.

From the Associated Press:

Japan’s prime minister said Monday the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal would be “meaningless” without U.S. participation, as Donald Trump announced he planned to quit the pact.

Shinzo Abe’s comment came shortly before the U.S. president-elect released a short video about his plans for his administration, including an intention to have the United States drop out of the TPP pact.


Abe discounted the idea of going ahead without the Americans being a part of the deal.

“TPP is meaningless without the United States,” he said at a news conference during an official visit to Argentina.

He also said the pact couldn’t be renegotiated. “This would disturb the fundamental balance of benefits.”


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