Graphic Representation: Heading into the abyss

It’s another all-Trump edition, starting with three offerings dealing with malignant ignorance. . .or something.

First, from the Washington Post:

Tom Toles: Donald Trump takes a new US policy position in the heat of the moment


And from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, when ignorance isn’t bliss, at least for every other living thing on Planet Earth:

Mike Luckovich: Liars!


From the Newark Star-Ledger, a business opportunity seen:

Drew Sheneman: Trump brand snorkels coming soon to a store near you


Our next triad deals with confronting a reality, or something likei i.

We begin with a nationally syndicated editorial cartoonist, heading down:

Jeff Danziger: The Trump Escalator

Trump, Escalator, Melania, political cartoon

Trump, Escalator, Melania, political cartoon

From the Columbus Dispatch, guests at the Mad Hatter’s tea party:

Nate Beeler: Fake News


And from Chattanooga Times Free Press, take one in the morning. Or two, Or Three. Or the whole damn bottle:

Clay Bennett: The Prescription


Finally, from the Minneapolis Star Tribune, a nation getting roofied:

Steve Sack: Trump’s ‘swamp’



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