We have a new nominee for Trump’s cabinet

In the United States, you can brag about “grabbing ‘em by the ussy,” but in Sweden if you work in politics and a tape comes out of you call a government cabinet member a whore, your party will can your ass.

Hey, but have no fear. He’d be right at home in the Trump administration, under a president who boasts of genital-grabbing and a chief strategist who who says things like “Birth control makes women unattractive and crazy,” “Would you rather your child had feminism or cancer?” and “Gay rights have made us dumber, it’s time to get back in the closet.”

And while Steve Bannon said those things on the record, the Swede in question didn’t know he was, just like The Donald.

So we suggest he grab his passport and head to New York and haul his bony ass up to the 26th floor of Trump Tower.

There may just be a job for him.

From TheLocal.se:

A centre-right politician landed himself in hot water after he called a Swedish minister a ‘whore’ in front of a camera, without realizing that the entire video was being streamed live to YouTube.

Delmon Haffo was fired from his job as digital communicator for the Moderate party’s office in Stockholm on Thursday afternoon after the incident, the party secretary Tomas Tobé confirmed to Aftonbladet.

Haffo and his colleagues had been trying out their video camera at around noon, seemingly unaware that others could see and hear all their comments in the live clip on the party’s own YouTube channel.

In the clip, Haffo refers to a Twitter argument that started when Social Service Minister Annika Strandhäll commented on a friend’s Facebook page last week after they joked that men’s voting rights should be withdrawn after Donald Trump was elected as the next US president.

“I have also had that thought, I should admit,” wrote Strandhäll at the time.

In the video, which has since been removed from YouTube, Haffo turns to the camera and says: “Annika Strandhäll, it was not okay to joke about men’s right to vote. Go to hell, you whore.”


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