Graphic Representation: Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Today’s offering begin with take on the appointment of professional hater of all things different [different than white, Christian, and wingnut] Steve Bannon to a key position in the Trump White House.

We’ll let Stephen Colbert explain.

From The Late Show with Stephen Colbert:

Donald Trump Tells A Half-Troubled Nation: Don’t Be Afraid

Program notes:

As the President-Elect fills his cabinet with questionable figures and works to fulfill his campaign promises, many Americans are looking for some reassurance.

And now, on with the images, starting with the Bannon takes.

First, from the Washington Post:

Ann Telnaes:  Trump appoints Steve Bannon


And from the Arizona Republic:

Steve Benson: Look what the Trumpster found in his Dumpster


From the Charlotte Observer:

Kevin Siers: Steve Bannon, Trump’s right hand


The Minneapolis Star Tribune weighs in:

Steve Sack: Trump strategist Steve Bannon


The Guardian offers a group portrait:

Steve Bell: Donald Trump’s transition to power


From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a cover-up:

Mike Luckovich: In the sheets


From the editorial cartoonist of the Miami Herald, a new logo:

Jim Morin: Shock and awe


Finally, on the lighter side and offering from the Baton Rogue Advocate:

Walt Handelsman: Same holiday, different issues



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