Mr. Fish: Through a Looking Glass Darkly


From Clowncrack, his blog of autogenous autognosis, where he writes:

I received a note this morning from a fan who reminded me of an illustration that I did almost 4 years ago.  He correctly suggested that the image might have greater relevance now than when I originally posted it, which is unfortunately true.  So, in the interest of forcing our collective faces back into the instructive commentary offered by the deep dark truthful mirror, I present this cartoon, not as proof of our defeat at the rope-burned hands of bigots and soulless automatons of institutionalized bigotry and hick paranoia, but rather as a battle cry calling to action the hearts and minds of better men and women poised and ready to fight peaceably for a kinder and more tolerant future.

The image itself is an homage, itself through a glass darkly, to a self-portrait by Norman Rockwell, the late master imagist of everyday America:



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