Sweden’s Nazis march to celebrate Trump’s win

More of The Donald’s friends in low places, prolciaming his victory the beginning of a revolution.

From TheLocal.se:

Sweden’s neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement mounted the biggest march in its history on Saturday, with its leadership saying the election of Donald Trump in the US marked the start of a world revolution.

Police in Stockholm seized five neo-Nazis and detained 20, as an estimated 600 far-right demonstrators marched from the central Kungsträdgården park to Mynttorget, the square where Sweden’s parliament is based in historic Gamla Stan.

“A number of people have been held. They were aggressive at one of our barriers,” Kjell Lindgren, a press spokesman for the Stockholm police said of those arrested.

He said that police had registered two cases of violent rioting, which carries a maximum four-year sentence.According to a reporter from the anti-Nazi Expo magazine, Per Öberg, the Nazi group’s press chief, told the gathered crowd that Donald Trump’s election was a sign that a world revolution was beginning.