Hillary and the DNC boosted Trump’s campaign

And by that, we mean they intentionally did it.

Yep, way back in April 2015, the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign concocted a plan to boost extremist Republicans like Donald Trump on the hare-brained notion that running a wingnut would alienate voters and grease the skids for a Clinton presidency.

As Naomi Klein writes so perceptively in our Quote of the day, Clinton is an elitist, a member of that very class so detested by those who elected our President-to-be, and nothing reveals that truth more clearly than a Wikeleaked email and attached memo outlining the strategy.

The three Republican candidates singled out for special treatment as “Pied Piper candidates” [their term] were Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Ben Carson.

As election day polling revealed, what motivated voters this year was an accurate that the game was rigged, and establishment candidates would only perpetuate their misery. Three out of four voters agreed that “America needs a strong leader to take the country back from the rich and powerful.”

The story from Salon, with the memo at the link:

Republican Donald Trump, a far-right demagogue who campaigned on a slew of bigoted, xenophobic policies, has won the 2016 presidential election in a shocking victory few people predicted.

What was not often acknowledged in Trump’s heated race against Democrat Hillary Clinton, however, was how her campaign fueled his rise to power.

An email recently released by the whistleblowing organization WikiLeaks shows how the Clinton campaign and Democratic Party bear direct responsibility for propelling the bigoted billionaire to the White House.

In its self-described “pied piper” strategy, the Clinton campaign proposed intentionally cultivating extreme right-wing presidential candidates, hoping to turn them into the new “mainstream of the Republican Party” in order to try to increase Clinton’s chances of winning.

The Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee called for using far-right candidates “as a cudgel to move the more established candidates further to the right.” Clinton’s camp insisted that Trump and other extremists should be “elevated” to “leaders of the pack” and media outlets should be told to “take them seriously.”

The misguided Democratic strategy combined with Trump’s masterful media skills effectively handed the White House and both houses of Congress to the GOP.

Talk about yer hubris. . .


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