Quote of the day: Trump, the surreal estate mogul

From Jon Sopel, North America editor for BBC News:

Where to start? Well there are the obvious ones – Donald Trump describing Mexicans as thieves and rapists, him mocking a disabled person, disparaging PoWs, wanting to ban all Muslims.

There were the ones that made me laugh. Yes, I just laughed when I read a newsflash saying the Pope goes to war with Donald Trump over his plan to build a wall. The Holy Father, I thought. No, this must be some kind of error. But on a flight back to Rome, he had indeed decided to wade in.

Then there was the Access Hollywood tape – and him boasting about grabbing a woman by the pussy. We have reported on him allegedly putting his hands on a woman’s vagina. We have reported on the size of his penis, when that whole subject came up (sorry) during the primary process. Small hands, he said, meaning. . .well you know the rest.

So in one election campaign I have been on air discussing male genitalia and female genitalia. After 30 years plus reporting and having covered elections all over the world, this is new territory for me. But give this narrative to a publisher as a book proposal, and they would write back and say ‘Dear Mr Sopel, thank you for your submission. Unfortunately it seems too far fetched.’


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