Quote of the day: Draw your own conclusions

From John Carlin, a British-based journalist for El País:

Regardless of who wins the presidential election, the jokes have already started. On November 5, The New York Times ran a story about how the Iranian regime no longer feels the need to encourage its followers to burn effigies of Uncle Sam or Lady Liberty.

That is because The Great Satan is already ridiculing itself plenty. The ayatollahs even greenlighted the broadcast of the live debates between Trump and Hillary Clinton on state television.

The New York Times cited an Iranian analyst who said that there was no better way to illustrate how “idiotic,” “corrupt” and “hideous” the superpower’s political system truly is.

The residents of most countries in the world, whether these be run by religious or secular governments, left-wing or right-wing administrations, despotic or democratic leaders, have very likely reached the same conclusions.


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