Map of the day: Kansas/Oklahoma earthquakes

From the U.S. Geological Survey, a look at earthquakes of 2.5 or great in the Kansas-Oklahoma border region in the last seven days, quakes scientists largely agree are a direct result of fracking shale to reach trapped oil and natural gas Quakes in the last 24 hours are in orange, yellow circles are within the previous six days]:


The largest circle, located in the lower right quadrant of the map, represent a 5.0 shaker that caused major damage in an Oklahoma town of with an approximate population of 7,900.

More on the quake from United Press International:

More than 40 buildings in Cushing, Okla., were damaged by a 5.0-magnitude earthquake that could be felt 250 miles away in Dallas, Texas.

The earthquake struck Sunday evening, four miles below the surface, and was centered one mile west of Cushing, a city between Tulsa and Oklahoma City. The quake could be felt as far away as Dallas and Kansas City. Although the U.S. Geological Survey downgraded its magnitude from the originally announced 5.3-magnitude, the earthquake remains the state’s 5th largest ever recorded.

Most of the damage was concentrated in the downtown area of Cushing, a community of about 8,000. An assisted living facility was evacuated, and the city manager’s office said a structural engineer would be consulted to determine which buildings must be closed. Bricks fell from a number of buildings, and several streets were blocked off to prevent injuries from additional bricks falling during aftershocks. The city’s public schools were closed Monday to assess damage.

Assistant City Manager Jeremy Frazier said some residents suffered minor injuries. In addition to reports of damaged buildings, gas leaks and interruptions in electricity were reported. No problems were reported by the area’s pipeline and oil storage terminals.

From News@9, some raw video from store security cameras of the moment the shaker hit:


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