Headline of the day: Mexico braces for the worst

From El País:

Mexico prepares contingency plan in case Trump wins

  • Mexican officials are preparing to defend themselves from a potential Donald Trump victory at the US presidential election next week.
  • Although a Republican win remains a remote possibility – polls give Hillary Clinton a comfortable lead – Trump’s economic plans, if he wins, would deal such a severe blow to the Mexican economy that the Peña Nieto administration has decided to prepare shock absorbers.
  • Thanks to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the United States has become the Latin American nation’s largest trade partner and foreign investor. Trump’s protectionist threat is a ticking time bomb that would derail the country’s already fragile economy.

One response to “Headline of the day: Mexico braces for the worst

  1. People I´ve spoken to here in Oaxaca are not pleased about Trump. The owner of the building where I am staying teared up when we talked about it. But the Mexicans have their own political problems, and they are almost inured the the US being one of them. As Porfilio Diaz famously said, ¨Poor Mexico. So close to the United States, so far from God.¨

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