Graphic Representation: Hey, it’s almost over

Once again, an all-election edition, starting with this from the editorial cartoonist of the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Steve Sack: The vote

And from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, focusing on the declining number of polling stations in many American cities

Mike Luckovich: Rigged


The Lexington Herald-Leader has a great idea:

Joel Pett: Election slime reduction

Finally, this from the Chattanooga Times Free Press:

Clay Bennett: The Campaign

blog-e-bennettAnd a video offering to conclude

One of our immediate neighbors has a fascinating with election editorial cartoons, specifically those depicting a certain candidate who believes good fences make good neighbors.

From CCTV America:

Cartoons of Donald Trump draw crowds in Mexico City

Program notes:

There’s a museum in Mexico City that celebrates cartoons. One of its most-popular exhibits ever, features cartoons from around the world about one particular American. It’s Donald Trump, as you’ve probably never seen him before, with some images that people may find offensive. CCTV America’s Martin Markovits reports.


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