Courolphobuia: Austrian runs over ‘killer clown’

And a killer clown stabs a woman in England. . .

Coulrophobia, the fear of clowns [previously], has gone global, and the ongoing global panic over killer clowns took a bizarre turn this week when a young Austrian motorist panicked after an ax-wielding man appeared in front of his car.


A car driver crashed into a horror clown after he got frightened by the axe-wielding man.

The accident happened in Klagenfurt, a city in the southern Austrian province of Carinthia. The clown got away with slight injuries after the impact.

According to the police, at around 1:45 a.m. on November 1, the 27-year-old masked man stood on a municipal road dressed like a clown with an axe in his hand.

A 19-year-old driver was so frightened when the clown suddenly emerged out of the fog, that he crashed right into the 27-year-old. Due to the media reporting on clown attacks, the car driver drove away after the accident, but soon afterwards informed the police about the event.

And a killer clown stabs a British woman

Things took a more serious turn in Britain when a knock on the door resulted in stab in the leg.

From The Sun:

A ‘killer clown’ stabbed a woman in the leg through the letterbox of her home after knocking on her window.

Police hunting the man have said the victim opened her door to the clown after he knocked on a window of her home in Robinhood Street, Gloucestershire.

A spokesman for Gloucestershire Police said: “When the resident opened the door and saw the man she immediately closed the door but he then put the knife through the letterbox causing a small wound to her leg.

“House to house and other inquiries have been taking place. Officers are continuing to work on identifying the motive behind this incident and who was responsible.”


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