Donald J. Drumpf at his presidential best

Once upon a time there were these things called newspapers that folks used to find out what was happening in their communities and the larger world around them.

Back then, newspapers were really influential, powerful in so many ways, so powerful that folks who thought they’d dispute with them were often admonished, “Never get in a pissing contest with a man buys ink by the barrel.”

Nowadays we’ve got the Internet and all those social media. So today you might say “Never get in a pissing contest with a guy who has Twitter followers by the thousands.”

Witness what happened when Donald J. Drumpf [the surname The Donald’s Grandpa brought over from Germany before transforming it into the more sonorous Trump] got into a Twitter war of 24 April 2013 with a famous comedian, starting off with this opening shot:

Former Daily Show host Jon Stewart describes what follows in this video, captured Tuesday night at a Madison Square Garden benefit for the Bob Woodruff Foundation, founded to help out injured veterans by the ABC News anchor injured by an IED in Iraq.

From Jake Cahan:

Jon Stewart’s Twitter Fight with Donald Trump at Stand Up For Heroes

Yep, The Donald’s really presidential material. . .


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