UC Regent wants to grab ‘em by the breasts

The University of California Board of Regents has always been a bastion of rich white, male privilege, but the latest news from boardroom reveals the presence of a Trump-lite governing the nation’s largest and richest public university system.

From the Los Angeles Times:

University of California Regent Norman J. Pattiz is known for his outgoing manner and jovial jibes — but in this time of heightened awareness about inappropriate conduct, he’s learning that some of what’s funny to him is sexually offensive to others.

Pattiz is chairman of the Courtside Entertainment Group, which produces radio shows and podcasts. He recently apologized after a woman said that, when she was taping a bra commercial at his PodcastOne studio, he asked if he could hold her breasts.

Heather McDonald aired an audiotape of his comments on her “Juicy Scoop” podcast last week. She said she was inspired to speak out by other women who came forward to describe their experiences with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and former Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes. The Los Angeles comedian, who left PodcastOne shortly after the incident, said she did not accept Pattiz’s apology or excuse that he was trying to be funny.

“Sexual harassment is not a joke,” she said in an interview.

Several other former employees and independent contractors of PodcastOne also say that Pattiz’s remarks about women’s bodies or looks sometimes made them uncomfortable. One woman, 23-year-old Ji Min Park, said she left the company in August after a year in large part because of too many sexually inappropriate comments.

Is he really the sort of man to be guiding an institution filled with just the sort of people he sexually objectifies?


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