Headlines of the day: You can take it to the bank

A pair from the London Daily Mail, starting with a political story:

Campaign staffer got Bill Clinton to cancel Morgan Stanley speech scheduled in the days after Hillary was announcing her bid for president, warning ‘it could plague us for months’

  • Bill Clinton was scheduled to speak to Morgan Stanley execs in April 2015, a few days after his wife announced she would be running for president
  • Campaign manager Robby Mook warned the speech would be a mistake
  • He also called it a ‘very consequential unforced error’, citing the negative perception of Wall Street in Iowa, where Hillary was going to campaign
  • Hillary’s longtime aide Huma Abedin addressed Hillary’s resistance to cancelling, but said she later agreed after a ‘cool down period’
  • The Clintons’ paid speeches have been an issue throughout the campaign
  • Email exchange was released by Wikileaks Friday after campaign chairman John Podesta’s accounts were hacked

And one that’s not, except for the fact that the political failure to regulate banksters made it all possible:

Disgraced former Wells Fargo CEO offloaded more than $60 million worth of stock in the weeks leading up to the bank being charged with fraud

  • Wells Fargo’s ex-CEO sold $61 million in stock before the San Francisco bank was hit with fraud charges for creating millions of fake accounts 
  • John Stumpf offloaded $61 million in the month before charges were filed 
  • Stumpf reportedly sold ‘incentive stock options’ at a $26 million profit 
  • The disgraced former chairman stood down from the bank on Wednesday

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