Memo of the day: Banksters ‘message’ the Dems

From the latest cache of WikiLeaked memos, a summary compiled for Rep. Ben Ray Luján, D-N.M., chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, of a meeting between representatives of the DCCC and two lobbyists for the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, an organization representing Wall Street:

Met with Andy Blocker and Joseph Vaughan from SIFMA

  • Discussed 2016 strategy and map
  • Discussed Trump as a factor
  • Andy mentioned seeing the article about today’s messaging meeting
    • Andy mentioned they see this as a good sign
    • Need to get Blue Dogs, New Dems and Progressives on same page
  • Talked about Financial Services Messaging concerns
    • Lots of would be Democrats in Financial Services area
    • Feel that the party committee needs to be smarter and more thoughtful about this messaging
    • Upset around messaging demonizing Wall Street
      • Understand that Wall Street isn’t popular, but the message won’t win the day
      • Turns off Dems in Financial Services world when they are attacked just for working in the industry
      • Creates a larger problem when people don’t trust banks and financial institutions
    • Chairman talked about Clinton messaging around “bad actors” which is more palatable and crosses industries
    • BRL mentioned the article where Leader Pelosi said that Sen. Warren doesn’t speak for the party
      • Andy and Joseph thought this was an encouraging sign, but hadn’t seen this article before
  • There are areas where we can work together
    • Financial Literacy
      • BRL mentioned the possibility of working w/ SIFMA in districts to do literacy events
    • Saving for colleges
    • Capital for entrepreneurs
  • Concerned with Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule
    • Biggest concern is that if it becomes final, it will take a long time to change
    • BRL mentioned they should keep in touch with Chiefs moving forward through August
  • SIFMA cannot support the DCCC right now, in large part due to messaging
    • Did find the meeting helpful, feel we are moving in the right direction
    • Encouraged by meeting, will keep the door open and make further consideration of support down the road

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