Mass graves in Mexico; gov’t coverup alleged

Two sobering stories from the charnel house that is Mexico, where the government literally knows where the bodies are buried — and, in at least one case — attempts to conceal the grisly truth.

[The maps are from Google Maps].

More than 600 buried in mass grave near Torreon

Torreon, where more that 600 were buried in a mass grave.

Torreon, where more that 600 were buried in a mass grave.

First from RT:

Remains of more than 600 bodies were unearthed from what may become Mexico’s largest mass grave found to date, according to local media. It was discovered near Torreon, one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

The gruesome find was made in a 16-hectare paddock in San Pedro, near the city of Torreon, according to Notimundo news outlet, citing Grupo VIDA, an NGO representing the relatives of missing persons.

The bones, teeth, clothing, and footwear of more than 600 victims were found lying in the site, which appears to be a crime scene, the group said.

The NGO’s representative, Silvia Ortiz, said the remains have been handed over to the authorities for further identification. Members of the Attorney-General’s office of Mexico and its forensics unit were involved in gathering the remains, as was the National Human Rights Commission.

Ranches surrounding the San Pedro municipality have become notorious in recent years as mass killing sites used by criminal gangs active in the area. According to official data, roughly 2,000 people have gone missing as a result of protracted violence between drug cartels, EFE news agency reports.

In January of 2015, the city of Torreon was listed by Mexico’s Citizens’ Council for Public Security and Criminal Justice as one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

More than 100 bodies in Tetelcingo

Tetelcingo, where 119 bodies were buried.

Tetelcingo, where 119 bodies were buried.

The story from teleSUR English:

Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission harshly criticized the government’s “improper” handling of the case of 119 bodies found in a mass grave in the central state of Morelos and urged authorities to establish national protocols for these cases, which unfortunately are a common occurrence in the violence-torn country.

Investigator Enrique Guadarrama said only 21 of the 119 people buried in the clandestine grave had been identified by name and that in at least 44 cases, the deaths appeared to be violent but were not properly investigated. He added that there were three cases where family members identified bodies that officials still kept buried in the mass grave.

“The remains of any person deserve to be treated with respect, and the circumstances and conditions of their death must be determined by the authority, which is forced to act to clarify the facts when it is presumed the existence of an illicit,” said Guadarrama.

The 33-feet deep mass grave had been discovered November 2014 in the town of Tetelcingo. Prosecutors have stated that the bodies may have been dumped illegally by officials, in an apparent attempt at “concealment of crimes.” The investigation into who is responsible is ongoing and unresolved.


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