Map of the day: Latest U.S. coulrophobia alerts

A map of the latest sightings of ominous clowns, often acting in ominous ways, via the East Bay Times, giving further fuel for folks with a fear of clowns:


The newspaper published the map after the latest incident, one of three in the San Francisco Bay area in recent days:

A Concord mother experienced a creepy close-up with a clown at a bus station Wednesday afternoon, and police were investigating reports he tried to snatch the woman’s 1-year-old daughter.

The woman and baby encountered the clown at a bus stop on Willow Pass Road at Water World Parkway around 1:12 p.m., Concord police spokesman Corp. Christopher Blakely said.

The mother told police that the man was wearing a clown outfit when he sidled up and began talking to the woman’s daughter, Blakely said. The clown then grabbed the baby and tugged her briefly, Blakely said.

The mother kicked the clown in the shin, and he ran away, Blakely said.

The suspect wore a clown wig and a clown suit but did not have makeup and was wearing sneakers, Blakely said. Police were searching for him.


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