Chart of the day II: Bigoted Twitter neologisms

Since Twitters nominally filters tweets to block the most outrageous expressions of bigotry, bigots have done what they usually do: Create neologisms to refer to the hateful words disavowed by respectable folks.

WYNC radio host Alex Goldman has parsed the meanings of the new lexicography of intolerance and has tweeted their meanings:


More from the London Telegraph:

The code seems to have originated on message board site 4chan, which is often described as the dark side of the internet. On a channel about Google’s Jigsaw program that tackles abuse, someone commented that the system couldn’t block them if they used “a common word in place of something racist, like if they started using ‘google’ instead of ‘n*****’.”

Some of those who have been using the code have expressed support for the US presidential hopeful Donald Trump. During the presidential debate last week one user wrote on Twitter, “Trump is not a National Socialist. If he was, he wouldn’t have kids that married Skypes.”

And one of the swapped words — “Skittles” for “Muslim” — is an explicit reference to the controversy last month when Trump’s son compared a bowl of skittles with Syrian refugees in the US.

This isn’t the first racist code to appear on social media. Earlier this year Google blocked a Chrome extension that added “(((triple parentheses)))” to Jewish people’s names called “echoes”, which was being used to perpetrate racial hatred online.


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