Brazil’s coupsters ramp up privatization push

The key tenet of neoliberalism is really quite simple: All services provided by democratically elected governments should be privatized for the sake of corporate profits, a move enhanced by insidious campaigns to discredit their own governments.

And has been so successfully conducted in other nations, the U.S. included, Brazil’s unelected neoliberal government, put in power by a legislative coup against the elected government, continues to rush forward with measures to sell off the national commons.

teleSUR English covers the latest and most drastic move:

The interim government of Michel Temer in Brazil announced Thursday it will privatize 34 state companies in strategic areas around the country.

“We are opening 34 opportunities for licensing in the areas of ports, airports, roads, railways, energy, oil, gas,” said Temer.

“With this, we are opening and universalizing the Brazilian market, in the belief that to combat unemployment and make the country grow it’s necessary to encourage the industry, services, agricultural businesses, besides restoring confidence, because there was a time when confidence in the country was lost,” said the coup president.

The Investment Partnership Program is in charge of the privatization plan for these industries, run by Wellington Moreira Franco, a politician specialized in privatizations during the government of Fernando Henrique Cardoso.

The airports located in Florianopolis, Salvador, Fortaleza and Porto Alegre are also part of the privatization program.


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