And now for something completely different. . .

Those Taiwanese Animators are at it again, with two twisted takes on political stories that have the world’s attention.

First up, their take on the American presidential race:

Trump vs Hillary: Trump and Clinton are neck-and-neck in the battleground states

Program notes:

With only seven weeks to go until Election Day, the race for the White House is getting close.

The Clinton camp is now officially in panic mode as her campaign tries to do anything it can to fend off a surging Donald Trump.

Hillary’s lead has been declining for weeks, and now a recent poll by CBS shows her and Trump neck-and-neck in key battleground states at 42 percent apiece.

It didn’t help Clinton when she described half of Trump supporters as a “basket of deplorables”.

Let’s not forget about her collapsing while trying to get into a Secret Service van at a 9/11 event.

This may help explain why she’s collapsing in the polls amongst black voters too.

And what about Trump’s tax returns? Is his 12,000-page tax return really that complicated?

Well, at least we all have the upcoming debates to look forward to.

And, for them, a story closer to home:

Philippines President Duterte is nuts: Duterte needs to put a sock in it already

Program notes:

President Rodrigo Duterte is putting the country in a rather precarious situation.

An ex-militiaman testified in front of the Senate last Thursday that President Duterte, when he was still a city mayor, ordered him and other members of an extermination squad to kill criminals and opponents in gangland-style assaults that left about 1,000 dead, according to the Associated Press.

Since becoming president in June, Duterte’s anti-drug campaign has left more than 3,000 suspected drug users and dealers dead.

Last week, Duterte also said he would no longer allow joint patrols of disputed waters near the South China Sea with other countries, according to the Philstar.

He also said he was considering buying defense weapons from Russia and China, the Philstar reported.

What will come out of Duterte’s mouth next? Will he follow through on those promises?


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