Chart of the day II: Japan’s swiftly aging population


From the Yomiuri Shimbun:

The percentage of Japan’s elderly population aged 65 or older rose to 27.3 percent as of Sept. 15 this year, with women of the same age bracket reaching a record high of 30.1 percent of all women, according to estimates by the Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry.

The total number of elderly rose 730,000 from the previous year to 34.61 million, with the percentage among the total population of the nation rising 0.6 percentage points, according to the estimates that the ministry released in connection with Respect for the Aged Day on Monday.

Both the number and percentage continued to extend record highs. In particular, the number of elderly women rose to 19.62 million, surpassing 30 percent of the total female population for the first time.

The number of men aged 65 or older was 14.99 million, accounting for 24.3 percent of the total male population.


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