He’s back. . .Sarkozy to run against Hollande

The loathsome former French president, defeated by the nearly equally loathsome socialist-in-name-only François Hollande four years ago, wants his old job back.

Sarkozy, the man who implemented purge of the county’s Roma and Sinti residents [gypsies in common parlance], has a good chance, given that Hollande has been unable to ease the country’s economic plight.

Hollande has proven equally eager to go to war as his predecessor, but without the zealous bombast Sarkozy brings to the table.

From France 24:

France’s former leader Nicolas Sarkozy announced on Monday that he is running again to become president in next year’s elections.

“I have decided to be a candidate for the 2017 presidential election. I felt I had the strength to lead this battle at a troubled time in our history,” Sarkozy wrote in an excerpt of his upcoming book “Everything for France” (“Tout pour la France”) posted on his social media accounts.

“The five years that come will be full of danger, but also of hope,” he added.

Sarkozy, 61, served as president from 2007 to 2012, when he lost re-election to the now deeply unpopular President François Hollande.

A hyperactive and divisive figure both loved and loathed among right-wing voters, Sarkozy did not say whether he would join his conservative Les Républicains party (formerly the UMP) primaries scheduled for November.


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