Map of the day: Paid maternity leave, or not

From the Washington Post, who has laws requiring and the very, very, very few holdouts:

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6 responses to “Map of the day: Paid maternity leave, or not

  1. It’s not the law to pay for maternity leave in America??

    • No, it’s not. Some individual companies pay maternity leave, but no law requires it, and many mothers are forced to take unpaid live to care for their newborns.

      It’s pathetic.

      • That’s crazy. Even in Jamaica it’s a legal requirement for up to 8 weeks. And then moms can take another 4 unpaid. Is it any wonder how this generation in America has turned out??

      • It’s not the current generation that’s the problem: It’s their parents and grandparents, the source of the bulk of votes for both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

        Corporations, the banker partners, and stockholders [including most pension funds], plus the associations they create to pursue their agendas, typically oppose paid maternity leave, because it represents a debit on the corporate spreadsheet. Since they’re the ones who bankroll American elections.

        It’s the older people who have the money and write the rules. It’s a process I’ve observed countless times having spent a half-century doing American journalism.

      • Well I meant that the fact that mothers didn’t get to spend a whole lot of time home with their kids must account somewhat for the ridiculousness of this generation.

        But yes, there are far bigger problems as far as politics and economics goes, for which this generation is too young to be blamed.

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