Headline of the day: Now that Bernie’s gone. . .

From the New York Times:

Issue Where 2 Candidates Line Up: Not Talking About the Poor

  • Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump each promise to create jobs, but neither has said much about helping people while they are not working.
  • The silence is particularly striking because the problem is growing, a sociologist says

One response to “Headline of the day: Now that Bernie’s gone. . .

  1. HOW many workers were thrown out of a job because the employer ran with getting out higher paid older women & minorities onto workers compensation, those who were forced into years of retaliatory litigation but end up on SSDI? In WC ratings, these workers injury rating were to low to get any workers comp benefits but yet the SSA deemed them mentally ill. Either way, these same workers ended up with hardly anything after working decades in higher paying jobs and even less on SSA benefits and never to be given vocational rehabilitation in either workers compensation or from the SSA. AND thanks to the aflcio that is pro corporations for it’s own benefits (bringing in immigrants for lesser pay and higher union dues), It was all rigged so that these injured workers would never get to work again but yet supplement part of their benefits for the same immigrants who took over their jobs. Workers comp was the great mechanism to discriminate against older women & minorities and the federal and stats government were all in on it. And kaiser provided the pathway and hopefully if clinton should get elected, she won;t support kaiser as single payer, kaiser that is a federal contractor reaping billions every years of tax payer dollars for it’s own international and national agendas and none of it has to do with healthcare. If you think the DOD and CIA is unfettered with receiving tax dollars, then also look at kaiser which is also with SEIU in charge of the VA, where the vets are screaming for their health care and wage benefits too! So where does all of that unfettered money go? In overseas bank accounts?

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