Graphic Representation: Gaffe that keeps on giving

The Donald, that ol’ son of a gun, just can’t help, and his most infamous instance of logorrhea is keeping America’s editorial cartoonists fully employed, God bless ’em.

When you hint about the assassination of your rival, well. . .

We begin with the first of two entries employing a famous precedent, starting with the Arizona Republic:

Benson: Is Donald Trump the next Lee Harvey Oswald?

BLOG Trump Benson

The Sacramento Bee’s Jack Ohman looks to an infamous venue:

Jack Ohman: What he meant…

BLOG Trump Ohman

From the Minneapolis Star Tribune, a partisan rebranding:

Sack cartoon: Trump reimagines his party

BLOG Trump Sack

Our next entries look at Trump’s backpedaling, starting with the Washington Post:

Ann Telnaes: Trump shoots off his mouth

BLOG Trump Telnaes

Next, from the Tulsa World:

Bruce Plante: Trump suggests violence?

BLOG Trump Plante

And the Miami Herald looks to the future:

Jim Morin: It was a joke!

BLOG Trump Morin

From the Kansas City Star, a self-infliction:

Lee Judge: Ready, aim. . .

BLOG Trump Judge

More consequences from the Philadelphia Daily News:

Signe Wilkinson: An appreciative audience

BLOG Trump Signe

And finally, via the Columbus Dispatch, the candidate takes the rostrum:

Nate Beeler: Dangerous Donald

BLOG Trump Beeler


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