Graphic Representation: Is he on Hillary’s payroll?

How else to explain Trump’s rapid self-decomposition.

At the very least, he’s keeping the media’s attention well away from Clinton’s inherently dangerous military/industrial agenda and making her look like a reasonable person by comparison.

Maybe he’s not releasing his taxes because he’s broke, and the only way back is to take some cash under the table to tank his own campaign.

Or maybe rich Republicans are chipping in so he’ll make way for their own choice?

[No, we really don’t think that, but the only other explanation is that he’s flamin’ bonkers.]

We begin our offerings with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s editorial cartoonist:

Mike Luckovich: Protecting

BLOG Trump Lucko
Next, we turn to the Arizona Republic:

Steve Benson: Clinton’s distinction, Republicans’ extinction

BLOG Trump Benson
The Charlotte Observer weighs in with this:

Kevin Siers: Trump Talk

BLOG Trump Siers
While the Kansas City Star makes an observation:

Lee Judge: Watch or for the sewer trout

BLOG Trump Judge
And from the Washington Post, a living autopsy:

Ann Telnaes: Speaking of what’s going on in a candidate’s head

BLOG Trump Telnaes

UPDATE: One more cartoon, this time for Britain, with the Independent weighing in:

Dave Brown: Lair,  liar, hair’s on fire

BLOG Trump Brown

Finally, and while it’s not a cartoon, we decided to include today’s New York Daily News front page, with its call for The Donald to call it quits:

BLOG Trump


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