And now for something completely different. . .

It’s time for more delightful animations from the National Film Board of Canada.

Though our first entry was created 25 years ago, its political protagonist bears more than a slight resemblance, at least metaphorically, to a certain presidential candidate:

The Lump

Program notes:

by John Weldon — 1991

This animated short tells the story of a short and unattractive man who develops an inert but highly attractive lump on top of his head. By simply buttoning his shirt over his face he changes his life! An animated parody on the superficiality of those qualities that lead to popularity and power.

Next, the first of two animations from the same creator, this one offering a delightful and visually striking reimagination of how we got to be here:

From the Big Bang to Tuesday Morning

Program notes:

by Claude Cloutier — 2000

From the earliest forms of life on Earth to the world of today, From the Big Bang to Tuesday Morning uses absurdist humour to tell the biological story of humanity. From a mighty cosmic explosion comes the matter from which evolve the mineral, vegetable and animal worlds. There follows a series of metamorphoses illustrating the branching out of the human genealogical tree.

And for our final item, a remarkable example of animation created with a pen and India Ink, adding a striking new dimension to a familiar tale:

Sleeping Betty

Program notes:

by Claude Cloutier — 2007

Princess Betty sleeps in a narcoleptic stupor. The king appeals to his subjects to wake her. A worthy Prince Charles lookalike has to leave his royal suburb to save the princess, but will Betty be wakened with just a kiss?

Drawn in India ink, this animation sets the Perrault classic in Claude Cloutier’s disjointed, anachronistic and playful universe.


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