L.A. deputies kill another innocent black man

And Baltimore cops face their own allegations of racial profiling.

First the the L.A. story, via the Los Angeles Times:

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department acknowledged Tuesday that a man who was shot and killed by a deputy in Compton last month was not connected to a carjacking that led to the shooting, as it had reported earlier.

Donnell Thompson, 27, was fatally shot by a deputy on July 28 near the 800 block of West Stockwell Street during an intensive search for a carjacking suspect who had allegedly fired at deputies, striking their patrol cruiser. At the time, the Sheriff’s Department said Thompson matched the description of one of the carjacking suspects.

“We have determined that there is no evidence that Mr. Thompson was in the carjacked vehicle, nor that he was involved in the assault on the deputies,” the department said in the statement.

The announcement came hours before Thompson’s family called on Los Angeles County supervisors to hold the deputies involved in the shooting accountable. The family plans to file a federal civil rights claim against the county Wednesday, according to attorney Brian Dunn.

And, yes, Thompson was black.

Baltimore cops target blacks with stops, violence

These aren’t just allegations; they’re the finding of a U.S. Department of Justice civil rights probe.

From the Guardian:

The Baltimore police department regularly conducted unlawful stops and used excessive force on residents of the city, federal officials found in a civil rights probe.

The damning findings by the US justice department (DoJ), set to be officially announced Wednesday, identify a “pattern or practice” of unconstitutional conduct in the city.

The justice department launched its investigation into the city’s policing a month after Freddie Gray’s death last year. Gray, a 25-year-old African American man, died a week after he was arrested from a spinal injury sustained while he was held in the back of a police van. The city erupted in weeks of unrest, including numerous mass demonstrations against police brutality and a day of rioting.

The report found a vast racial disparity in enforcement, especially in stops, searches, and discretionary misdemeanor arrests. African Americans, for instance, account for 91% of “failure to obey” and trespassing charges, and over 80% of charges such as making a false statement to an officer or disorderly conduct, even though they account for roughly 60% of the population. African Americans were arrested for the possession of drugs more than five times as frequently as their white counterparts, although drug use, the report notes, is roughly the same.


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