Did Trump just urge followers to kill Hillary?

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any crazier, Donald Trump suggested that gun-loving followers “might do something” to ensure Hillary Clinton couldn’t appoint anyone to the Supreme Court.


From U.S. Uncut:

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump snidely remarked to cheering crowds at a rally in Wilmington, North Carolina that some of his supporters might feel obliged to shoot Hillary Clinton to death in an effort to keep her from choosing Supreme Court judges.

“And by the way, if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do folks,” Trump said. “Although, the Second Amendment people — maybe there is. I don’t know.”

The Republican candidate made his newest reckless comment at the end of a particularly bad week, in which he has picked a fight with Muslim parents of a slain Muslim American soldier, refused to endorse top GOP officials only to immediately capitulate, and is now losing in multiple swing state polls against Hillary Clinton. FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver has lately projected Clinton’s chances of winning the general election at about 80%.

It remains to be seen whether implying that your political opponent should be shot will improve Trump’s public perception.

Here’s a clip of the latest Trumpian quasi-criminal idiocy, via Victoria Applegate:

Donald Trump on Hillary Clinton, Wilmington, NC, 8/9/16

If nothing else, The Donald has turned Campaign 2016 into the most bizarre political event of the 21st Century.

And you have to wonder what his Secret Service detail is currently investigating.

Which reminds us of a recent offering from the editorial cartoonist of the Lexington Herald-Leader:

Joel Pett: Just when you thought he’d bottomed out

BLOG Donald


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