Observations on immigrant support for Trump

From Diego Martinez Lloreda, opinion editor of El Pais, a Colombian national daily newspaper published in Cali, who believes Donald Trump will gain the White House.

In an essay entitled “An Idiot in Power,” he comments on the paradoxical support of many naturalized immigrants for the man who would seemingly be their bitterest foe.

Translated by Watching America:

Many of us in Latin America don’t understand why Trump has so many Latino supporters when he has promised to build a wall separating Texas and Mexico and deport every undocumented Latino he can catch.

The reason is simple: There’s no one more xenophobic than an immigrant who has gotten his or her legal status. It takes a lot to become naturalized in the U.S. and the last thing immigrants seeking citizenship want is an avalanche of new immigrants to compete with.

So Trump not only has the support of the old America, whose credo is the famous Monroe Doctrine: “America for Americans,” but he can also count on the support of thousands of immigrants.

And what’s more, he has the perfect rival. While the Republican business magnate is a symbol of hard-earned success, the kind of person admired most in the nation of Uncle Sam, Clinton belongs to the privileged class who for years has wandered comfortably through the halls of Washington, exactly what the average American detests most.

In summary, the Americans won’t be choosing the candidate most prepared to govern them this November, but simply the one who looks most like them and their idea of what an American is.

It sounds stupid, but that’s how it goes in all elections.


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