Headline of the day II: His dishonor, the mayor

From the London Daily Mail:

Smirking California mayor ‘played strip poker with six underage members of disadvantaged youth camp after plying them with alcohol’

  • Anthony Silva, 41, mayor of Stockton, was arrested on Thursday morning
  • FBI say he played strip poker in his bedroom with six members of his own camp for disadvantaged children after giving them alcohol
  • Three male and three female participants were mostly aged between 18 and 20, except one boy who was age 16, officers say
  • Audio tape on Silva’s phone makes it clear participants were naked at the time and did not want to be recorded, authorities say
  • Silva is also refusing to cooperate with investigation into handgun that was stolen from his home and later used for murder, police allege
  • The mayor, elected in 2012, is currently preparing to fight a re-election bid

2 responses to “Headline of the day II: His dishonor, the mayor

  1. I can’t imagine how or why he thought he would get away with that.

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