Graphic Representation: An Olympic medal medley

With the Olympics kicking off in troubled, Zika-bearing-mosquito-infested waters, American editorial cartoonists are having their own relay.

We begin with the editorial cartoonist of the Arizona Republic:

Steve Benson: Spray to play at the Rio de Mosquito Olympics

BLOG Oly Benson

The artist of the Tulsa World takes a somewhat similar approach, adding in those toxic waters where Olympic rowing and other non-swimming water events will occur:

Bruce Plante: New Olympic Uniforms

BLOG Oly Plante

From the Minneapolis Star Tribune, another twofer:

Steve Sack: Olympic perils

BLOG Oly Sack

The Lexington Herald-Leader’s cartoonist adds the invariable third factor, with Gold going for the gold:

Joel Pett: And the winner is. . .

BLOG Oly Pett

And to conclude, the editorial cartoonist of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution combines sports with politics [as if there ever was a separation]:

Mike Luckovich: Torch bearer

BLOG Oly Lucko


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