Furor over street artist images of Clinton, Trump

An Australian street artist finds the perfect response after he’s hit with a governmental notice over his scathing image of a scantily clad and cash-laden Hillary Clinton, while on the other side of the globe, the artist behind a similar image of The Donald in Old Blighty finds his own response to similar criticism.

From RT:

Censorship Wins: Clinton bikini to Niqab mural to black wall

Program notes:

Warning: You can’t unseen this footage!

An Australian street artist has made headlines with his portrait of Hillary Clinton. He painted a wall in Melbourne with an image of the U.S. democratic presidential candidate wearing a rather skimpy swimsuit. However, the city complained that the mural violates gender equality principles. So, to avoid legal action, the artist painted a niqab over Hillary. Finally, the artist posted a photo of the wall online, after it had been painted completely black, with the caption “Looks like the council wins.” RT caught up with the artist.


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