We’re saying adios to Berkeley, gentrification wins

We can no longer afford to live in Berkeley, after our rent was jacked up by $800 a month.

We hate to leave the San Francisco Bay Area, which has the best climate we’ve ever experienced. but we’ve been gentrified out.

Our own neighborhood used to be mainly African American, but it’s now a haven for Anglo professionals, a phenomenon that’s happening throughout the region, recently named as the country’s most expensive place to live..

So we’re headed to Torrance in Southern California, where two kids and a grandkid live, and two bedrooms in a home in Torrance where our younger son and his spouse live.

We’ll be leaving behind the best friends we’ve ever had, the kind of friends who’ll stick by you when times get rough.

We’ll keep posting here at esnl, though infrequently till the move is over.

We’ll keep you updated.


3 responses to “We’re saying adios to Berkeley, gentrification wins

  1. IT happens in other minority parts of the cities, pushing out those who are least to afford it. Whole communities torn apart:( and the crazy things is, how did a poorer neighborhood get to be so appealing all of a sudden, all because they jacked up the rent? But where I lived, they remodeled 4-6 flats to 2-3 condos and then small property went from 100,000 to now over 3 million dollars for one building and the units go up to 500,000. dollars all thanks to investor makers like warren buffet.
    This is one of the reason why people don’t trust their politicians anymore. They’re lives and homes have been ripped form them all for a big buck and the hell woth the folks. No one came in to help the neighbor hoods before then, when help was needed and now they’re worth billions for others. Shame , shame , shame on the “leadership ” that runs our country like one monolithic corporation!
    This is worst than the gilded age of last century, because now it’s just pillage and plunder at any cost by billionaires and people want to vote for hillary or trump???? they just don’t get it, do they, that things will get worse with no accountability form either of them, both who think they’re the entitled with all the money they both have.?
    I’m sorry you have to move from where you like the weather which is important to most and wish you good luck and at least you’ll be with your family.

    • Thanks.

      Berkeley was never the Berkeley of the Republican imagination. Real estate developers control the majority of votes on the city council, a body which has repeatedly eased up on the requirements that developers fund low-income housing and build green.

      While Berkeley always had a moderate to conservative majority when it came time to vote except for early in the last century when the city elected a Christian socialist as mayor], Big Money has completed its takeover, both of the city and of the university. And since the university stopped building housing for undergraduates, new apartments are built by developers out for the bucks, including one very prominent member of the university’s own faculty, David Teece.

      It’s all been terribly sad to watch.

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