Graphic Representation: Post-convention bounce

The Donald managed to win over new voters following a Republican convention in which he delivered a speech Mussolini would’ve loved.

First up, from the editorial cartoonist of the Sacramento Bee:

Jack Ohman: Make Apocalypse Great Again!

BLOG T Ohman
Next, from the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Steve Sack: Trump at the podium

BLOG T Sacks
From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Mike Luckovich: Grave-spinning grudge

BLOG T LuckoNext, the Miami Herald weighs in:

Jim Morin: OMG!!

BLOG T Morin
While the Buffalo News looks at sins of omission:

Adam Zyglis: Protected

July 23, 2016

And there’s this from the Philadelphia Daily News:

Signe Wilkinson: Who’d’ve believed it?

BLOG T Signe
Finally, from a nationally syndicated cartoonist, historical precedent;

Jeff Danziger: Hitler’s Advice

Hitle, Mussolini, Trump, political cartoono


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