Peña issues a non-apologetic corruption apology

Ah, the sheer hubris of it all, an apology that really isn’t from the Slick Willie of the South.

From United Press International:

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has apologized for a $7 million luxury home buying scandal of which he and his wife Angelica Rivera were previously cleared of wrongdoing.

Last August, an investigation by Mexico’s Public Function Secretariat found no conflict of interest perpetrated by Peña Nieto or Mexican Finance Secretary Jose Luis Videgaray over awarding contracts to companies that sold homes to them and first lady Rivera, according to federal comptroller Virgilio Andrade.

“There was no conflict of interest,” Andrade then told reporters. “Independently of what public opinion has established, this is the legal dimension of the case.”

Peña Nieto on Monday apologized, stating the scandal damaged the Mexican people’s faith in the presidency. He said he did not break the law and promised to work harder to fight corruption.

“For this reason, with all humility I ask your forgiveness,” Peña Nieto said while addressing political leaders during the unveiling of a new anti-corruption system broadcast on television. “I repeat my sincere and profound apology for the offense and indignation I have caused you.”


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